There are 3 different Overlay systems used during the image capturing and printing process: Liveview, Print, Save

The Liveview Overlay can be displayed over the live images on the front screen of the SnapCube. To use this feature a .png file is needed / necessary. This virtual mirror or smart mirror displays the user’s own image on the screen as if that screen were a mirror, which provides him an idea of how the final picture will look like.

Download and Info:

Download Readme [PDF]

Download Overlay Templates [ZIP]

Sidescreen Slides

The sidescreens of the SnapCube display the pictures which were already taken at the event. You may add some information slides, which were displayed regulary.


Please create slides with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px as .jpg or .png file.


SnapCube offers the ability to show multiple videos / pictures to further enhance your marketing / branding capibilities for the event.
*Any video / photo shown must meet all conditions in the Terms of Use.


For displaying video content on SnapCube, please create either an .mp4 or .mpg file in Full 1080p HD (1920 x 1080 px). All content must be presented as a video file, so if a slideshow or presentation is desired please export it as a video.

Cube Branding

SnapCube has five sides, each of which can be designated and customized for each specific event. It is recommended to designate one side for instructions to avoide user confusion. The remaining sides can be customised to show videos (movie trailers, promotional videos, presentations) or just be used for users to view their photos. The SnapCube team will work with you to figure out which design would best work for your event.

Download and Info:

Download Readme [PDF]

Download Cube Design Templates [ZIP]


As well as using display stands as a staple ingredient for exhibitions, they are also used to increase brand awareness. Our Backdrops ensure you brand and your message gets showcased on your booth.

Download and Info:

Download Readme [PDF]

Download Background Template [medium]


SnapCube also offers further branding and promotion through sharing on social media. Users can later view their photos online (as well as other users photos from the event) and share them through social media. All content is also available for download for further creative usage.

Download and Info:

Download Readme: Standard Landingpage [PDF]

Download Readme: Lead & Reach Landingpage [PDF]

2D Augmented Reality Props

Standard Requisiten wie alberne Hüte, Brillen oder Bärte kommen immer gut an. Doch da geht mehr! Unsere innovativen 2D Props überzeugen durch personalisierte und vielseitige Einsatzmöglichkeiten.

Der SnapCube erkennt den QR-Code, der vor die Kamera gehalten wird und wandelt diesen automatisch in die hinterlegte .png Datei um. Das so erzeugte Bild erscheint auf dem SnapCube Monitor und ist auf dem ausgedruckten Foto sichtbar.