Photo Booth augmented reality / SnapCube mixed real and virtual world

The virtual world will feed into the photo box of SnapCube. Snapchat and other communication platforms already shows it, just look at the camera and you’ve got a virtual hat to or exchanged with his neighbor’s face photo via face swap.

Photo Booth augmented reality / SnapCube mixed the real and virtual world

The SnapCube uses the first Photo Booth the technique of augmented reality and combines these with his Photo Booth images, whereby a photo box augmented reality arises. Photo Booth augmented reality. Photo Booth augmented reality.

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What exactly is Photo Booth augmented reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an extension of reality through a computerized perception. The boundaries of the real and virtual world and the real world are computer systems simulated graphics or texts recorded in real time. The user can retrieve its own type additional virtual information in real time. Applications of augmented reality are video games, flight simulators or smartphones, to name a few. Especially in smartphones, the new technology of augmented reality is used to using his cell phone to provide the user with an added value in photography. Are popular photo apps where various graphics, such as hats, goggles or animals appear in the image.

The photo box of SnapCube accesses the new technology and produced by the augmented reality a Mixed Reality (MR). Users of the photo box get a prop with a sort of QR Code in the hand when it is held in the camera, in the live preview of the photo a virtual graphic appears. The substance may have all the graphics that were previously delivered via static image. The SnapCube is the first photo box that can mix the real and virtual reality through a photo box. Photo Booth augmented reality.

Expiration Photo Booth augmented reality

After posting the photo box with augmented reality and printer, the team of SnapCube takes over the entire process. Arrival and departure, as well as assembly and dismantling are included and are taken over by an operator. Once the event, whether wedding, birthday, fairtrade, company party, Christmas party, prom or other party is started, the guests or customers can use the photo booth for funny shooting selfies. They get props in classic form as wigs, glasses and mustaches made and recently even props for the graphics of augmented reality. While the picture is shot, it will be printed in seconds and can be taken home. Online are the images on a separate landing page to download and for social media sharing available.

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